CEO Greetings

Greetings to all visitors to our website!
As a specialized company in plastics and stationery components, plamax has aimed at developing first grade technology
and first grade quality based on the craftsman’s mentality which is the corporate motto, and as a result,
we have absolute belief in our experience gained during that time and the accumulation of superior technology.

Our company was established in 1990 as Samjung Industries Co. Ltd. and with the expansion in the globalization era,
the company name was changed to Plamax Co. Ltd. and the corporate identity revised.
We are diligently striving to become a world leader in stationery components and are being proven for quality
in terms of stationery product developments.

In the future, by confronting the rapidly changing 21st century,
we will lead the new product development of the future through leading ideas and continuous research as well as
planting a product recognition which customers can always trust.
We promise to never lose our firm conviction in making only first class quality products.

Thank you.

PLAMAX. CO.,LTD     Kang, seong kyu/ CEO 강성규