• · Easy to develop new products with speedy and low investment.
  • · Various colors, shapes and specifications. (Costume-made manufacturing in accordance with the requirements of the customers)
  • · Super quality with gloss surface.
  • · Strong against shock as it has an excellent durability.
  • · No change of shape due to high thermal resistance.
  • · Use of environment-safety materials.
Standard specification of PLAMAX Barrels
Item Specification Use
Material PVC, PP, ABS, PE, PETG, RUBBER 등 - Stationeries
- Electronic parts
- Medical equipments
- Industrial use, etc.
Diameter ø3.0 ~ ø15.0 (±0.05)
Length More than 30.0 mm (±0.2)
Thickness More than 0.30 mm (±0.05)
Color Various colors ordered
(Possible to extrude 3 color stripes)