Ink Reservoirs

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Important successful factors for reservoir are the accidental leakage by suction of ink, maintenance, change of temperature and shock after acquiring various suction values from alcohol ink, aqueous ink, oily ink and other writing liquids by adopting special fiber and density, color change after a certain period of time and volume adequate to barrel.
Plamax manufactures with various costume-made specifications and sells with the most economic prices.
Specification and the tolerance
  • · ø : 4.0 ~ 25 (±0.1)
  • · L : 30mm ~ 150mm (±0.5mm)
Wrap Fiber
Material Character Material Character
PP or PE ▶ No seam
▶ Thickness of rib and groove
(excellent air vent): 0.2 - 0.5mm
2. High strength for ink injection process
▶ Various colors and shapes
polyester, pp+pet
▶ Good adhesion (Wrap + Fiber)
→ excellent in assembly and storage
▶ Excellent in ink storage and ink drain
▶ Be available for all types of ink
(Alcohol, aqueous, oily and etc)